About me

Photo: Joan Llop

Hi there!

My name is Amilka. Born in Cuba, raised in Spain and now making my dreams come true in Reykjavik, Iceland. Since I was sixteen years old I worked in hospitality business such as coffee houses, bars, hotels, self services, chains and also my own coffee house and restaurant.
In recent years I focus my learning in coffee from the seed to the cup. I thought that to be a Barista would be the finish line but only was the begining.

“More I learn about coffee less I know .”

My passion for coffee began in 2007 when I found that increasing coffee quality increased coffee sales. So I decided to became a barista by the hand of Alejandro Salvo (Caf├ęs A & S). After several years of training, Iceland was the country that offered me the opportunity to work as a barista.

Currently I live between two cities, Reykjavik in Iceland where I work as Barista for Te og Kaffi an Icelandic Speciality Coffee chain and Pamplona in Spain where I work as Barista trainer and also develop my learning as a roaster in Cafes Plaza del Castillo.

In January of 2018 I started a new adventure in the form of a blog to share my coffee life experience, it would be a shame to keep for myself.

“COFFEE is my path and there is no finish line!”


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My work is my passion and all the adventures I undertake have only one purpose … to know more and more about everything related to coffee.

Come in and enjoy!